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I have stopped 'my-crafts.com' from working on this Ning site, so hopefully we will be able to use the old card-making-world.com address until we have our new self-hosted site.


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Adele posted a discussion
Update August 24th: I've been quiet the last few days as I've been experimenting with various options for a new site, attempting to download our entire site to my home computer and trying to communication with Ning.  The upshot is I have asked Ning…
Aug 19
Gone back to the Estate Agents...
Ning seems to have had some issues with updating the site - activity feed may not be accurate. Sigh.
wondering why Dr Who is visiting the site today, taking things back in time? The activity feed is showing that I liked stuff 20 mins ago that I actually liked days ago...I guess Ning might be working on it in the background *argh*
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